About fiona

My story revolves around family. I am one of four children and we moved every two years for most of my childhood.  Bouncing between countries and schools strengthened our connection. It also inspired many unconventional, character-building family vacations. Together we all learned to do a few things really well: packing, traveling, adapting and having each others' backs. My family was the only constant I had and as a result, they became paramount in my life.

The moments
that say
more than

I found my love for photography in college. My degree was in International Relations, but somehow all my close friends were majoring in photography. I spent most of my time helping friends with their projects, traveling with them as they photographed their theses, and working late into the night to hang their senior shows. A year after I left school, as soon as I could save up a bit of money, I bought a camera.

From my first day as an assistant wedding photographer, twenty years ago, I was hooked. I love photographing the story of family; whether it's two families coming together to celebrate a marriage or an afternoon with a couple getting swept up in the chaos of a newborn child.  I'm so lucky to help capture these fleeting moments.  Grandparents watching knowingly as the next generation takes similar steps to their own. The infectious joy of a toddler.  I count my lucky stars I found a job that lets me meet so many different people, travel to so many wonderful locations and witness lots and lots and lots of love.